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Índice A2

Introduction: Conocer el Examen A2/KET

Unit 1  People

Exam skill:  Reading part 1

Grammar: Present Simple  Verb “To Be”

Vocabulary: Adjectives describing physical appearance and feelings

Pronunciation: The Alphabet

Unit 2 My family

Exam skill: Writing

Grammar: Present Simple: other verbs

Vocabulary: relatives

Telling the time

Pronunciation:  Vowel sounds

Unit 3  My House

Exam skills: Listening

Grammar: Present Continuous

Vocabulary: around the house, buildings, furniture

Pronunciation:  B and V

Unit 4.  My Job

Exam skills:  Speaking

Grammar:  Simple Past Tense Verb TO BE


Vocabulary: Professions

Pronunciation: Schwa sound

Unit 5. My Health

Exam Skills: Reading

Grammar:  Future with going to

Reflexive Pronouns

Vocabulary: Body parts, going to the doctor

Pronunciation:  ^ (uh)

Unit 6.  Nature

Exam Skills:  Writing, part 7

Grammar: Prepositions IN, ON and AT, What is the Past Participle, Present Perfect

Vocabulary: Nature

Pronunciation: Diphthongs

Unit 7. Sports

Exam Skills: Listening

Grammar: How to ask and answer questions

Vocabulary: Sports, verbs related to sports

Pronunciation: Silent consonants

Unit 8 Transportation

Exam Skills: Speaking part 2.

Grammar:  Simple Past Tense (other verbs that are not TO BE or modal verbs)

Vocabulary: vocabulary related to transportation

Pronunciation: pronunciation of the letter “i” and how to distinguish it from the sounds “ea” and “ee”

Unit 9. Travelling

Exam Skills:  Reading part 3

Grammar: Modal verbs

Vocabulary: Tourism, cities, countries, nationalities, languages

Pronunciation: Words that start with letter “S”

Unit 10. Communication

Exam Skills: Writing part 8

Grammar: Past Continuous

Vocabulary: Phrases to start and end an email.

Pronunciation: “Sh” and “Ch”

Unit 11. Technology

Exam Skill:  Listening part 3

Grammar: Prepositions of place

Vocabulary: computers, phones, applications,

Pronunciation: “th”

Unit 12.  Hometown

Exam Skill: Speaking part 1

Grammar: The future with WILL

Vocabulary: My village, town, city, street, shops, parks

Pronunciation: -ed sound

Unit 13. Leisure

Exam Skill: Reading part 4

Grammar: First Conditional

Vocabulary: Leisure activities and adjectives

Pronunciation: How to pronounce “ur”

Unit 14.  Plans

Exam Skill: Writing

Grammar: Passive voice

Vocabulary:  Getting a job, getting married, going on a trip, doing a master

Pronunciation: words ending in “ble”

Unit 15 Diet/Food

Exam Skill: Listening

Grammar: Imperative

Vocabulary:  Eating habits, going out for lunch or dinner, having a coffee, losing weight

Pronunciation: “w” sound

Unit 16 Studying

Exam Skill: Speaking

Grammar: Conjunctions

Vocabulary: Studying abroad,

Pronunciation: “y” and “J”

Unit 17 Clothes

Exam Skill: Reading

Grammar: Possessive

Vocabulary: Getting dress summer, winter

Pronunciation: “H”

Unit 18 Shopping

Exam Skill:  Writing

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


Pronunciation: “a” and “u”

Unit 19  My friends

Exam Skill: Listening

Grammar: Prepositions

Vocabulary: Leisure time, going out, meeting up

Pronunciation: e

Unit 20 Internet

Exam Skill: Speaking

Grammar:  Common Phrasal verbs

Vocabulary: internet, acronyms, equipment, common issues

Pronunciation: intonation