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Future tenses. FITA course. Lesson 15

diciembre 8, 2020 | Sé el primero en comentar

An advanced student knows what kind of future structure he has to use in every context. Download video lesson 15. Future tenses. Future tenses Lesson 15 Future Tenses. FITA course.docx Theoretically, intermediate students should know all the future tenses, but there are many important details unknown to most English learners. We’ll review them in this…

He had already had breakfast when they arrived.

Past Perfect. FITA course. Lesson 14

noviembre 27, 2020 | Sé el primero en comentar

The past perfect is key to narrating stories in the past and to mastering the past conditional Download video If you can see the images click here. Lesson 14 Past Perfect. FITA course.docx Past perfect  We use the past perfect when we want to refer to actions that happened in the past BEFORE another action…

10 Consejos para ganar fluidez al hablar inglés

noviembre 18, 2020 | 4 comentarios

Enlace para descargar el vídeo. Si no puedes ver las imágenes, haz clic aquí.   Esta semana Craig ( e y yo hablamos sobre cómo conseguir hablar con mayor fluidez. Estos son nuestros consejos: 1) Aprende las nuevas palabras en frases Para que las nuevas palabras que incorporas a tu vocabulario suenen de manera…

Past Continuous. Fita Course. Lesson 13

noviembre 15, 2020 | Sé el primero en comentar

Download video lesson 13 Past Continuous FITA course. Lesson 13 Past Continuous FITA course .docx If you can’t see the images click here. We use the past continuous when we want to refer to actions that happened in the past and continued for a period of time.  For example: They were looking at the painting…

Irregular verbs. FITA course Lesson 12

noviembre 10, 2020 | Sé el primero en comentar

You only truly master the irregular verbs when you are able to say them in the blink of an eye without making any mistake. This lesson contains images. If you can’t see them, click here. Download video What are irregular verbs? Lesson 12 Irregular Verbs Simple Past Tense. Fita Course .docx Irregular verbs are verbs…