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Aprender inglés online- Cómo montar un proyecto online sin dejar tu trabajo. Episodio 10

Your Way – Episode 10 : How to start an online project without leaving your day job

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¿Se te ha pasado por la cabeza hacer algún trabajo online y no sabes por donde empezar?

“Give us your ear” when you go to school, or to work, or you are at the gym.  We’ll give you all the answers.

Ideas mentioned in this podcast

– Why today’s episode is so special! – 0:20
– Question of the day (Carolina’s question, from Ecuador): how to start an online project when you already have a full-time job – 1:09
Tip 1: The key to being persevering and constant is having a higher purpose. Think of your purpose – 02:15
Tip 2: try to find the time throughout your week (it can be at weekends, at nights, etc). You can also get up earlier, to get some extra hours – 04:35
– Accept that sometimes, to introduce a new project/passion/objective in your life, you will have an imbalance and that is okay – 06:07
Tip 3: Do NOT leave your main job. Work on your side project until you validate it and get some attention from society (readers, listeners, an interview, subscribers, etc). How Mónica was contacted by the newspaper EL PAíS – 06:37
– Remember this big idea/line: if you want something that most people don’t have, you will have to do things most people don’t do. Also, think of it as a marathon, not a sprint – 09:04
– Doing difficult things (like mastering a language or creating your own job) is not a linear process. It has ups and downs, zigzags and turns, changes, etc – 11:20
– David’s big mistake when launching his online community and why you should not do the same. How Mónica left her day job to go online and our discussion on the word “hustle” – 12:13
Tip 04: Find a team, a community or other people doing the same, to support and motivate you and learn in a group. You will be much happier and will learn a lot faster. An interesting discussion on the words “geek” and “nerd” – 19:09
Tip 05: The only way to do something difficult is to break it down into sub-divisions, making lists of sub-actions and writing it down – 24:42
– “In time learning”: you only need to learn the next thing that you need, you don’t have to learn to do everything in one month – 26:29
– How to pronounce the Schwa sound or the “stupid” sound of English – 27:50
Tip 06: Be ready to experiment, to make changes, to turn your direction, etc. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Treat the process as a lot of experiments. Mónica’s take on “failure” and practicality – 28:18
– Summary of the keypoints of this podcast and answer to other listeners – 33:04

Vocabulary used in this episode

A side project: un proyecto secundario, extra
To pivot: pivotar, en el sentido de girar alrededor de algo o manejar dos cosas a la vez
Your take on something: tu punto de vista sobre algo
To juggle: hacer malabares / compagina
– To keep going: Seguir adelante.
– To let go: dejar ir algo
Persevering: perseverante
An imbalance: un desequilibrio
A 9-to-5 job: un trabajo con horario standard, de 9 a 5
A timeslot: un hueco de tiempo o franja horaria
To work on something: trabajar en algo (proyecto, aspecto, etc)
To be at the right place at the right time: estar en el lugar correcto en el momento adecuado
To validate something: validar algo, comprobar que funciona o es verdadero
To dump something: dejar, abandonar algo (proyecto, un novio/a, etc)
To go off doing something: que te deje de gustar hacer algo, perderle la motivación
A line: una frase o cita escrita
To make a sacrifice: hacer un sacrificio
To be willing to do something: estar dispuesto/a a hacer algo
To preach: predicar
A chord: una nota musical/acorde
To make a mistake: cometer un error
“Don’t quit/leave your day job”: sigue haciendo lo que estás haciendo, lo que te da de comer
To risk doing something: arriesgarse a hacer algo, correr el riesgo
To be shit scared: estar acojonado/a
To pay mortgage: pagar una hipoteca
Pressure: presión
To be on a waiting list: estar en una lista de espera
To pay the bills: pagar las facturas
To make ends meet: llegar a fin de mes
A race: una carrera (deportivo o figurado)
To hustle / a hustle: darse prisa, apurarse / un chanchullo o trapicheo
To look for inspiration: buscar inspiración
A geek: un entusiasta o friki de la tecnología
A nerd: un ratón de biblioteca, antisocial (más peyorativo que geek)
To look something up: buscar algo (en un diccionario, Google, etc)
To get good marks/grades: sacar buenas notas (“mark” British, “grade” American)
To work on/at weekends: trabajar los fines de semana (“on” American, “at” British)
To break down something into…: dividir algo en…
To cross something out: tachar algo
To get overwhelmed: abrumarse, saturarse, que se te quede algo grande
Chunks: trozos
To test the waters: probar algo, experimentar, ver qué tal funciona
To get tangled: enredarse, rallarse

Resources mentioned in this podcast

Vida Revolucionaria, el grupo de emprendedores creado por Marcos Vázquez

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