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A2 Unit 8 Translations Exercise 1 answers

  1.  Where is that bookshop?
  2. It’s on three-four-two Oxford street
  3. Do they sell technology book?
  4. Is it open on Sundays?
  5. Yes, it’s (it is) open on all the weekends. Yes, it’s (it is) open at all weekends.
  6.  No, they are closed on Sundays.
  7. Do you have a phone (telephone) number to call?
  8. Yes, you can call to seven-five-six–three four-five–six-seven-eight.
  9. When is the event?
  10. It’s on Tuesday, November 21st at half past seven or seven thirty
  11. How much are the tickets?
  12. Three pounds for adults and one pound and a half for children,
  13. Do they have any discount(s) for students?
  14. Yes, if you have a student card it costs two pounds/ it will cost you two pounds.
  15. Is there a car park? (Br) Do they have a car park/parking lot (US)?