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Answers Lesson 17 FITA Course


  1. Would they have refused to work if we had paid them more?
  2. They wouldn’t be so embarrassed (ashamed) if you had told them what they had to do.
  3. If it had been your fault I wouldn’t have come to see you.
  4. If there would be more food in the fridge, I wouldn’t have to go shopping
  5. If we had known, we wouldn’t have behaved like that
  6. They wouldn’t have said such a thing if you had shut your mouth.
  7. We wouldn’t have gone to the countryside if we had known that it was going to rain
  8. His parents wouldn’t have allowed him to play if they had known that he had a fever.
  9. They wouldn’t have been able to go even if they had wanted, if you hadn’t shown them the way.
  10. Would he read so many books if he hadn’t studied literature?

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